About Us :

Afra Baft Company is one of the most advanced and up to date manufactures of its kind, Afra Baft Company was established in 1992 with the annual production capacity of 6600 tons of polypropylene bags and yarns.

In 1999, this company increased its capacity to 13000 tons per year to produce AD*STAR bags and now it is one of the biggest producers of cement and stucco bags as well as jumbo bags in Iran and Middle East.

At Afra Baft the quality of production is most important and we achieve this by having highly-skilled and dedicated workers, experienced technicians and the most modern and sophisticated machineries from Germany and Austria.

We have a firm commitment to quality control. A proprietary custom designed fully computerized factory monitoring system allows automated quality and efficiency of production scheduling control. By testing the tape thickness elasticity, denier, tenacity, durability and the sun ray-resistance (well before reaching the end of the production line) Afra Baft guarantees very high quality products.

Our advanced production on time scheduling system has made Afra Baft the most reliable vendor in our regional market.





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