Products :


Afra Baft main products include numerous kinds of polypropylene bags as well as various multifilament polypropylene yarns:

Variety of Bags :

  • AD* STAR Valve Bags, specially designed for the packaging of cement and gypsum.

  • Coated Bags suitable for the packaging of various chemical products.

  • Inner Liner Bags suitable for petrochemical products.

  • Jumbo Bags, with 500 or 1000 Kg capacities, suitable for the packaging of all sorts of raw materials.

  • Pillow Bags, with wide applications for the packaging of sugar, flour, and other similar products.

Manufactured Yarns :

  • CF Yarns, with 150-1800 denier, designed for weaving particular fabrics, hand bags, curtains, ropes, etc.

  • BCF Yarns, with 1800-2900 denier, suitable for producing various carpets.





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